First Trip of 2015!

A wonderful team of 45 loving and giving Canadians joining with at least as many selfless, hardworking Dominicans to truly became a family last week. Together, we built 3 homes (a single family home, duplex and triplex), trained 9 men as mechanics, treated & educated hundreds of people with medical and dental ailments, launched an after school program for girls, and taught positive parenting courses and, most importantly, built deep relationships.

We can all get so busy with life here in North America. Running from activity to activity, ensuring our kids don’t get “bored”, hosting this event and that…a mainly self-serving busyness. Every time we go to the Dominican, I’m reminded to ask “what’s it all for?”.

I think Albert Einstein summed it up best when he said “only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”. Our Dominican family consistently teaches us that life is about serving others, loving others, taking time to see the beauty in people and nature, and simply pausing to enjoy each moment.

If this sounds like a refreshing perspective on life, we’d love to have you join us on one of our upcoming trips. We will be returning to the Dominican May 15th – 23rd and October 23rd – November 1st.

Change a life. It will change yours.


Mission Accomplished!

Last week we completed our biggest and most extensive mission to date. Our team of 47 Canadians from 4 provinces built 4 houses for 20 people! One of the homes, a triplex, was ‘large’ by Dominican standards and housed 15 people! You have to see it to believe it! I believe there were 2 sets of bunk beds which provided sleep for 8 kids. We were also able to complete dental clinics with the help of Dr. Saniya and her husband, Dr. Mike.

These people are such amazing people. They exude love and selflessness, which is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the people with whom we meet back home. These people have a lot to teach us about what’s most important in life. They are literally willing to give the shirt off of their backs, even though they hardly have anything to begin with.

Wendy and I have already began planning our next trip, which will be in the last week of October (the 26th of October to November 2nd). If you feel your heart tugging at you to find out more about one of these life changing trips, please email us for more information at:

Change a life. It will change yours.


We are freshly back from our trip to the DR with 40 people.  Things went so smoothly, that I’m thinking we could easily break that record in 2014 without trying! Here are some more details about our 2014 trip:

• We will be leaving Winnipeg en route to Puerto Plata on January 23rd and returning on January 30th.
• We will not require overnighting in Toronto either way
• We will be flying WestJet Vacations
• Second bags are NO CHARGE!

We already have 21 people confirmed to join us in January. (Brent, Wendy, Jonah, Isaiah, Les, Kathy, Brian H, Melodie, Jill, Gladys, Val, Robert, Stuart, Sarah, Kendall, Jeremy S, Conrad, Emily, Jackie, Glenn, Jeremy E)
And we have 12 people who have expressed interest in coming. (Steve, Andrea, Jeremy S, Becky, Maria, Carly, Carly’s Mom, 2 of Carly’s friends, Bill, Josée, Lana)

Because we are flying WJV, we are required to secure our spots with a downpayment as of TOMORROW!  However, we are not required to submit a list of names until the 24th of November.  So, as a leap of faith, I’m going to secure 32 spots for this next trip with WJV and see what happens.This also means that the 33rd person, 34th person, 35th person etc, to join our trip may have to pay more to join our trip if a re-quote of the group travel rates prove to be higher than our original 32 people.

We will be having an information meeting on Tuesday, November 12th for those that would like some more information on this upcoming trip.It will be held at the St. Boniface Library at the corner of Taché and Provencher Blvd @ 6:30PM.Hope to see you there!

Back From Another Amazing Trip!

Just back from a wonderful trip to Nuevo Renacer! These trips just keep on getting better and better. We were able to complete 2 houses in our favourite barrio and the medical and dental teams saw over 600 people, while still helping out, half-time, on the construction projects. I’ll never forget the day that we were dedicating one of the houses, which turned out to be a side-by-side, for a brother and sister who inherited the land from their late mother. With the speaking of the first word of the dedication by, Frantzo, it began to rain. And then it RAINED!

And by the time we were finished, the rain was too. I’ve been contemplating the significance of such a unique event, because by the time we started dedicating the second house, it was literally not-a-cloud-in-the-sky-blu-skies! It was almost like the rain was signifying a washing of the old and the cleansing for the new. It was like the house was being anointed or sanctified for the new home owners. And on the way home, back to our hotel, we were all bone dry – none, worse for wear.

Our next trip will be October 24th to November 3rd, where we will be able to enjoy an extra day and a half in the DR. And we will be joined by a most wonderful midwife, bringing her knowledge and expertise to a land that can definitely use some guidance!